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KV IT-Solutions is a Delhi based company providing Open Source Solutions. We are driven by customer oriented approach with focus on impeccable standards of operation, seamless integration of project aspects and providing ' tailor-made ' solutions which perfectly fits the technical urge and the budget. We commit to deliver the best to our clients as well as meet and exceed their expectations. Whether a company needs complete end-to-end enterprise software solution or a specific application, KV IT delivers it.

We are concentrated on LINUX based solutions, customization & implementation our own developed software products. We also provide preferred customized solutions using an enormous experience in open source solutions. Developments on open source (LAMP-Linux, Apache, MySql, Php) provides complete compatibility with other OS.

Mailing Solutions


» Mail Archiving
» Spam Separation
» Virus Protection
» Web Based Emails
» Mail Backup
» Global Address Book ( LDAP)
» Auto Responder / Forwarders


Proxy/Gateway Solutions


» Privileged level of Internet Suring
» Content Filtering
» Log Monitoring
» Reporting
» Transparent proxying
» Load Balancing
» Easy control Panel



» Firewall
» TCP wrapper/Service level Securities
» Intruder Detection Systems ( IDS)
» Penetration testing
» Vulnerability testing
» Security Audits


Samba Server

» File Server
» Windows AD Like Features
» Easy Control Panel
» Unlimited Users
» Virus Free Data



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